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Make failure work for you, not against you

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The traditional concept of failure is formulated largely by what society has told us is failure.

It’s definitive, cold and above all else: incredibly negative. A shame-inducing label, if there ever was one. To be defined as a “failure” is a fast track way to make even the most positive of person feel truly terrible about themselves.

It’s simply and callously defined as: “a lack of success” — which is often so far from the truth.

Failure often isn’t for lack of trying, and isn’t categorically a result of lacking in success. Failure is often one of the biggest learning…

You will love again

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There will be times when all you can think about is them. About you. About the Us that you created together.

And despite all the hurt, all the pain and all the heartache all you’ll see is the love you shared; the love you created, and the love you lived within.

You’ll remember the small moments — the tingles from your fingertips connecting, the way you so seamlessly locked into each other, the comfort you felt in their scent.

You’ll forget the reasons that broke you.

You’ll forget what broke that Us and reverted you both to I’s, and you’ll…

I hope you find the courage to set yourself free

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Familiarity, easy and comfort are the greatest causes of remaining stagnant in situations, circumstances, relationships, that are meeting the mere base of our wants and desires.

Because in satisfying the most basic of our needs, it’s easy to settle; in the comfort, the safe, the security.

It’s easy to think because the foundational boxes are ticked, the deep desires must go unmatched. That, by still desiring them; you’re asking for too much, you’re not expressing gratitude, you’re unappreciative of having your basic needs met.

But in this life, don’t you want to experience more than baseline?

Don’t you want to…

It’s closer than you think if you just believe in your inherent worthiness

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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

One day, when you’re looking back at this time — on all your questioning, doubt and uncertainty, all you’ll feel is gratitude.

Gratitude for the version of you who recognised all that they had, and all that they still desired, and refused to settle.

The version of you who believed so courageously in their deep desires that they took the tentative steps in pursuit of more. The version of you who bravely stepped out of the safety that your old life offered and walked into the unknown with nothing but faith and an open heart.

And you’ll see it.


You are here to find real love

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Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

In a world where we live in the now, in the temporary, with little to no commitment knowing just how quick we can move onto the next, please know, your version of love, and your desire to love, doesn’t have to follow this narrative.

You do not need to fall into a fragment of time, of being the latest interest, of making do “for now”, of gratifying someone else's temporary needs, of filling their own void, of validating their own warped yet sadly normalised version of modern love.

Because in a society that does truly love with one foot out…

Understand the guilt, then alleviate yourself of it

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Photo by Marisa Harris on Unsplash

Feeling good about yourself

Please know that it’s good to feel good about yourself. And that you should, feel good about yourself.

And, please see the disconnect between someone’s life-highlights on Instagram, of a picture that they post of themselves that’s inversely communicating how good they feel about themselves in it, while not following up with written confirmation. …

You don’t have to remain within a version of your life created by your past self

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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Firstly, please know that wherever you are at in your life, you’re supposed to be there.

You’re supposed to be where you are, right now. Even though it most likely doesn’t feel like it. Particularly, if it doesn’t feel like it.

Because if it’s causing you pain, or discomfort, or unsettling, please know that you’re not alone going through this. And please know, if to offer some relief, that it’s temporary. This moment, this right here is one of the pivotal points in designing your future. …

How to be added as a writer + submit your articles

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Graphic created by our editor, Katie B

Welcome to the Being Human submission guidelines!

The Being Human publication is owned by Katie B — find her work here.

This publication is for those with big hearts, deep souls and a desire to share their kind wisdom. We focus on publishing articles that are kind, in all aspects, and are fully aligned with our vision of relishing in the messy-middle of being a human along a path that’s never really figured out.

What we’re looking for

The publication is focused on being a human, and adopting everything in a kind way.


  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self, self discovery, self improvement
  • Personal development
  • Love…

You’re in control of your own narrative now

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Photo by santosh verma on Unsplash

Growing up, you were probably told to be less of something. To quieten, suppress, fix, hide away some part of your personality, your psyche, your internal makeup, for fear of it not conforming with traditional societal norms.

“You’re too loud”, “you’re too quiet”, “you’re too chatty”, “you’re too fidgety”, “you’re too lazy”.

We’ve all heard one, or multiple, similar notions during childhood.

Really, you were likely never “too” anything. You were just being you, which is always more than enough. Please, remember that.

The person that was telling you to be less, likely didn’t do so because they actually wanted…

#5 Stop thinking you’re not capable

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Your wild and wonderful imagination has an end goal in mind. A version of life it feels is true and right for you to pursue and live.

But the thought of being uncomfortable, facing fears and being in the arena is stopping you from living your truth.

Here, the things that once you stop doing, will free you to to pursue your dream life.

Stop waiting for the perfect timing

Or the perfect circumstance, or the perfect moment, or the perfect feeling. Because none of it exists.

There is no “perfect” anything — there’s just simply life, and whatever it decides to offer up to us…

Katie B

Writer: emotional intelligence, love + (kind) self-discovery. INFJ / HSP. IG: @katiejburroughs

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